Programs Montepulciano

Repertoire and schedule:

W.A. Mozart Divertimento D Major for Strings (12')
Andria Chang, Harriet Langley, Saori Yamada, Ximeno Gimeno

Leonard Bernstein Piano Trio (16')
Sihan Zhang, Agnes Tse, Roger Morello Ros

Friedrich Jaecker “Brise” for Violin and Piano (6')
Ségolène de Beaufond, Xu Qi

Antonin Dvorak Piano Quintet (38’)
Xu Qi, Harriet Langley, Agnes Tse, Saori Yamada, Roger Morello Ros

Augusta Reade Thomas “Rumi Settings” for Violin and Viola (10')
Andria Chang, Sergio Munoz

Johannes Brahms Piano Quartet in g minor (38')
Sihan Zhang, Segolene de Beaufond, Sergio Munoz, Xavier Gimeno


Coaching by: professors Matthias Buchholz, Ariadne Daskalakis und Lewis Kaplan

Distribution of Players:

Vln A – Mozart 1st Vln, A.R. Thomas   K – Andria Chang
Vln B – Dvořák 1st Vln, Mozart 2 nd Vln   NY – Harriet Langley
Vln C – Brahms, Jaecker   K – Ségolène de Beaufond
Vln D – Bernstein, Dv 2 nd vln   NY – Agnes Tse
Va A – Mozart, Dvořák   K – Saori Yamada
Va B – Brahms, Thomas   NY – Sergio Muñoz
Vc A – Mozart, Brahms   K – Xavier Gimeno
Vc B – Bernstein, Dvořák   Dvorak K – Roger Morello Ros
Pno A – Bernstein, Brahms   K – Sihan Zhang
Pno B – Jaecker, Dvořák   NY – Qi Xu

Event Schedule:

Thursday evening May 10: Presentation Lewis Kaplan “Chaconne Through the Ages”

Friday evening May 11: Performance Mozart; Brahms

Followed by Open Discussion with Faculty “The Transatlantic Connection”

Saturday evening May 12: Performance Read Thomas; Bernstein; Jaecker; Dvořák

Monday in Bonn May 14: Concert Program Read Thomas; Brahms

Tuesday in Köln May 15: Mozart; Bernstein; Jaecker; Dvořák


Travel Schedule:

Arrival Montepulciano Monday May 7

Tuesday May 8 Rehearsals

Wed May 9 Coachings

Thurs May 10 Coachings

Fri May 11 GP; Concert

Sat May 12 GP; Concert

Sunday May 13 Travel Montepulciano – Köln/Bonn

Monday May 14 Concert in Bonn “Music and Brain” at LVR, Colmantstrasse, 6pm

Tuesday May 15 Concert in Köln “Spitzentöne”, 7.30 pm